June 23, 2014

Tonight was #week3 of my Yoga class. It is soooo good. Tonight before I went I was feeling low on energy and a little negative (Monday Blues!) once the class finished after an hour and a half, I felt much more uplifted and wasn't feeling the way I did before. It is amazing. Yoga has fantastic Benefits that I am going to write about for those who do not know much about yoga and those thinking of takling it up.


The Reasons I took up Yoga were:

  1. To Relax- I am the biggest worrier, Ill worry over the stupidest things. I wanted to learn to just switch of my mind when I need to.
  2. Posture- I have terrible posture. With my job doing massage is not very good for my posture and with standing on my feet for long hours I feel my posture defiantly has changed and I just want to Improve this.
  3. Strengthen my body. Now that I am using the gym quite regularly, I am lifting heavy weights and I just want to Balance out my body more. Relax and repair the muscles I am using through yoga.
  4. Flexibility When your working full time things get stressful and you don't do as much with your body so now I am in my 20's I want to get to a good standard of flexibility with my body and maintain it as the years go on.
  5. Feel good Yoga gets all the blood and lymph moving through your body and helps bring oxygen to the cells- I love this feeling of relaxing but knowing your doing your body good.

The Different Yoga Movements that There are and as you keep practising you see a huge improvement with your flexibility and stretching. 

The Benefits of Yoga:
  1. Improved Flexibility- after a few classes you will see yourself being able to do a full backbend, touch your toes, place your feet over your head and feel everything just loosen....
  2. Strong Muscles - Strong muscles protect us from developing arthritis and back pain.
  3. Great for the Joints- The mobility of the joints develop a lot prevent against injury.
  4. Keep your discs in your back under control and prevent them from slipping.
  5. Increases Circulation- brings oxygen to the cells which in result function better. Thins the blood, making it harder for the blood to Clot, This can decrease in Heart attacks and strokes as the main reason for those are blood clots.
  6. Relieve Depression - due to boosting your heart rate.
  7. Lowers blood sugar levels- decrease the risk of diabetes.
Yoga is not hard it basically brings you back into Sync with your Body.
Making your aware of your breathing.
Detoxifying your body and using muscles you may not regularly use.

Yoga is very relaxing. You become so aware of your breathing and your stretching- your worries melt away.
 Join a yoga Class near you Im sure you will not regret it!!
You will feel so refreshed after every class and sleep like a baby!

I hope you enjoyed this blog!



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