Healthy Meal Planning (Change up a few things)

August 14, 2014

Now, Before I start, I am not a qualified Nutritionist or anything, but healthy eating has always being something I try to do and I enjoy it.

Although I have a sweet tooth at times. I am a sucker for jellies, crisps, chocolate, cakes and a can of coke.. But everything in moderation..... But these things are never really in my house.. Only on the rare occasion or hiding in my mums bag because she is a terror for sweets too.

In February just gone I started an evening Nutrition course in UCC for 8 weeks. This was a great course, we covered everything from food labelling to ingredients and hidden ingredients.

From this course the biggest thing for me was finally understanding the food labelling on the packages of food. This meaning the amount of fat,sugar,and salt the food contained.

This has helped change my way of food shopping and changed certain things in my diet. I used have cereal (been Cheerios,All bran, or Special K) every morning with milk. Now I never have cereal, due to the amount of sugar they all contain. I now have other options such as Eggs or Porridge. I have also swapped over to Soya Milk rather than dairy milk. I feel this is lighter and it still has enough calcium and vitamins in it for me.
(Everyone is different, this has just suited me as I was never a fan of Milk anyway)

When you see the words 'Low in Fat', on the front of foods, turn it over and look at the Sugar intake because that's usually what will be high.... for example; Some Yoghurt can be Low in Fat but Very High in Sugar. Look out for this. You may think your eating healthy, but just take a look and make sure the labelling isn't catching you out.

Study this picture below and remember it the next time you go shopping;

Now when I am shopping I look at everything on the label, referring to this picture which is photographed to my memory!

Always be aware of how much of what your putting into your body.

1. First things first Sugar is the main thing in our diet that leads to being overweight, not fat.
Look at the 'Carbs as Sugar' in the nutrient section of the label. (This includes both natural and added sugars)
Anything less than 5g of sugar per 100g of the serving is considered Low.
Anything above 15g per 100g serving is high. 

2. The name -Fat- may make you think its a food you shouldn't eat. But its an important part of a healthy diet.
Anything lower than 3g of fat per 100g serving is low. 
Anything above 20g of fat per 100g serving is too high.

3. Sodium/ Also called Salt helps regulate the fluids in our body.Too much salt can cause high blood pressure. 
Anything below 0.3g of Salt per 100g serving is low.
Anything above 1.5g of salt is considered high.

I hope this helps some of you. Its really helped me and I feel I shop much wiser now.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to cut all the things you love, that is impossible.. well for me anyway, it just wont ever happen! Everything in moderation... Life is for living! But for a healthy body and insides eating healthier will defiantly help in some ways more than one..

Happy Thursday!

Tips for Healthy Snacks Between Meals:

Celery & cucumber sticks with hummus
Organic Greek yoghurt (Always look at the sugar content)
Handful of nuts and seeds
Juice with veg, 
Smoothie with berries
Rice cakes with peanut butter
Piece of fruit
Kale Chips
Sesame sticks
Boiled egg
Lightly salted popcorn

Whether you eat 5 times a day or 7.. Make sure your adding something good for you in ;-)

Katie xx

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