The Land Down Under

September 05, 2014

What is so great about Oz?

'Good Day' from the Gold Coast! 

I am almost here a week now, and I can tell you the Aussie way of life is a good way of life....

I visited some places in Australia already while sailing on the cruise ship. Iv been to Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart... So this time I decided to go some place different. Queensland.

Queensland is the second largest and third most popular state in Australia. Here, it is all year round sunshine with lots to do. 

We chose to start of on the Gold Coast, in Surfers Paradise. Where the Life is always buzzing. Your never short of things to do. Living by the beach, but not too far a walk from the shops, restaurants and busy areas. Everything you need is on your doorstep. Its the lifestyle that we wanted at this moment. Broadbeach, Main beach, Mermaid beach, Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Kirra, and Coolangatta are just some of the other places on the Gold Coast close by. Some of these are very popular Surfing getaways. Iv yet to get myself on a surf board......... Not sure how well that will go...

Our Tickets. We flew from Amsterdam- Singapore.
Singapore -Sydney
Sydney- Gold Coast
A long journey.. But worth it.

The Start of surfers Paradise. From here on is a long strip of shops, bars, and restaurants.

Our First Grocery Shop was very expensive and we bought so little... 
This will be a plus for the Bikini Diet ;-)!

View of the beach (30 second walk from our apartment)

The Sun Set 6am, from our apartment. Perfect view.

Morning Green Tea on the balcony :-)

This is a Sky Picture of the Surfers Paradise..

The lifestyle is really healthy here. Everyone seems really fit. There are juice and smoothie bars everywhere and 24hour gyms. We have yet to join a gym. But for now we are using the one in our apartment block which has the basics. 

I am only here a week (not even!) We have yet to discover the night life, and get work. 

Have a good night & good weekend :-)

Katie xx

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