All you need to know about ECZEMA

January 20, 2015

Hey there and happy Wednesday to you!

So I haven't wrote a post in quite a while... But I'm back and I have loads of skin care and body posts to share with you..

Being a beauty therapist you see and hear all different sorts of skin concerns but the two most common ones are eczema and psoriasis. I have not experienced either of these- but I have seen and spoken to enough people who have. So to understand both these conditions a bit more I wanted to do a little homework so I can help educate my clients on what they can do at home to help the skin condition.

This post is about Eczema: Some of you may have or know someone who suffers with Eczema, you will know that it is dry itchy skin that can become irritated and sore . This can be very uncomfortable for people. 

Most commonly a steroid is prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist and a few creams work, and others do not. This can be annoying for most people.
Listening to different people who have had this skin condition for most their life, few have their own remedies that work for them and others just don't know what else to use other than prescription creams.

This is quite a harsh picture of Eczema on a arm, you can clearly see the area is inflamed.
Eczema on babies is quite common and some do grow out of it.

Remember there are different strengths in the steroid creams,some can be very strong and although they may help the condition of your skin they will thin your skin. If the these creams aren't helping your skin, give these tried and tested home remedies a go below:

1.Take less long hot showers
I know there lovely... But not so lovely for your skin. You need to keep all the moisture that you have IN your skin. Bathe in warm (not hot) water. Add a few drops of chamomile into the bath. This sooths itchiness and calms inflamation.

2. Moisturise Moisturise 
Moisturising improves skin hydration and barrier function. Moisturisers are more effective  when applied to skin that has just been soaked in water. (You should still moisturise if you are on prescription steroids for your eczema)

3. Diet
Some may disagree with this one (Im not a doctor, I am using information given to me by people who told me about what has helped them with their eczema condition)

Your skin is the bodys largest organ of elimination, which means that whatever you put into your body may reflect on the outside. Diet plays a huge role in the health of your skin- so a few changed could make a big difference to your skin, and maybe lead to a improvement in your eczema.

4. Dairy
Some say cows milk is possibly the main dietry trigger for eczema. It can be quite acidic and often filled with hormones and chemicals which negatively impact the immune system. Perhaps its worth cutting it out of your diet to see if you notice an improvement?

5. Natural supplements
Its hard to get all the vitamins and nutrients we need from just our diet alone.
Some of the best supplements for eczema are;
Fatty acids - omega 3,6,9- fatty acids help dry skin and inflamation. 
Vitamins  A, D, E - these help the skin retain hydration, improve skin texture, boost collagen production and protect skin from free radicals (the attack of skin cells).

Eczema is strongly linked to stress.. So taking time out (which some people find hard to do) and working on stress relief can really help this.

7. Non irritating soaps and shampoos
Avoid shower gels and soaps with dyes and perfumes.
Avoid anti bacterial deodorant 
Avoid sodium laurel sulphate (extremely drying)
Avoid parabens.

These all can break down the skins natural proteins making skin more vulnerable to outside contaminants. (Go for natural products from health food stores)

8. Try these natural remedies on the skin after your shower;
-Aloe vera - aloe as been used for 1000's of years for its soothing and healing conditions.
-Chamomile- soothes itchy skin and calms inflamed skin. 

Click on this link for more health benefits of applying Chamomile to your skin

-Organic coconit oil - apply this oil on the inflamed area. It is said coconut oil is highly effective moisturiser which many ezcema suffers claim to be much more effective than expensive store bought creams.
-Sweet almond oil- contains ursolic and oleic acids which help repair skin. Apply to skin before bath to protect skin from drying out.

Woha... That was quite a bit of information! I hope I didn't loose you along the way? The information provided was from a lot of talks with clients of mine over the past few months who had eczema. The tips above are tried and tested from men and women over the years. It is not guaranteed to work for everyone. But why not give it a go? Keep in mind it does take time to see a difference in our skin so do give it time. I have not had this condition, this was something I wanted to know more about, for future clients I have. To let them know that I understand what is going on in their skin and give them some tips that may help them at home.

I hope this has helped you, if you have eczema or share it with someone you know who has eczema.

Have a great day!



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