Eat Yourself Beautiful

February 19, 2015

Consume these nutritious and healthy foods on a daily basis to improve your skin and body from within. 

  1. Acai Berries
      These are one of the most potent forms of antioxidants in the world and a powerful metabolism booster.

      Antioxidants protect the body from over production of free radicals, which cause damage to proteins,fats,carbohydrates and DNA in the body- affecting their function and structure.

  1. Dark Chocolate
Mmmm…. This has become a favourite of mine recently! Consuming moderate amounts of chocolate can actually be good for you. But I’m not talking about Galaxy or dairy milk bars- with such  high levels of cocoa and low levels of saturated fat. Dark chocolate like Green & Blacks 70% Cocoa are packed with nutrients including protein and iron which improve oxygen flow in the blood stream. Dark chocolate contains EIGHT times the number of antioxidants than strawberries.

Stick to chocolate HIGH in cocoa not milk, and enjoy a couple of squares a day, guilt free!!

  1. Green Tea
Regular consumption can improve the quality of your complexion, boost your immune system, aid digestion, increase your metabolism. The antioxidant levels in green tea are sky high. So forget your morning skinny late, and opt for a  calorie free green tea instead.

Green Tea does contain caffeine, so swap it for a chamomile tea at night for a good nights sleep.

  1. Manuka Honey
This sweet treat is native to New Zealand and is popular for its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which help fight infection in the body.
Experts suggest eating a couple of spoons a day promotes good digestion and rejuvenation during sleep. While applying it directly to problem areas can help combat skin conditions such eczema,acne,ulcers and help in healing wounds and scars.

Add a few spoons to your breakfast cereal or to your smoothie and juices.
Look for a rating of UMF16 (which tells you how strong the anti-bacterial strength is)

  1. Nuts
All nuts are full of repairing proteins as well as other vital nutrients like iron, healthy omega fats and vitamins. Almonds are the best when it comes to beauty boosting properties. They contain calcium,zinc,phosphorous,magnesium and vitamin E. They all help strengthen hair skin and bones.

Great to have as snacks throughout the day and add to meals and smoothies.

  1. Spinach
Eaten raw or cooked- the natural nutrients in spinach can aid the production of collagen in the body. Collagen helps retain the structure of our skin tissue, keeping lips plump, cheeks firm, hair shiny, and cellulite at bay.
Its also packed full of iron and protein. (Kale and Asparagus are also powerful collagen booster)

Have in salads instead of lettuce or in juices and smoothies and Dinners.

  1. Salmon
Eating salmon is one of the best ways to stock up on Omega 3 fatty acids. These fats aren’t manufactured in the body so it is vital we source this nutrient from elsewhere in our diet. Packed full of protein and low in saturated fats.

Try eat 2-3 times a week. (Don’t like the taste? Try tofu,soy beans,and nuts which are also rich in omega 3)

  1. Eggs
No matter what way you cook your eggs they help strengthen distressed hair, repair tired sore muscles, and boost a dull complexion.
Eggs provide you with many nutrients, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and iodine.

Having 1-2 eggs a day is good for healthy diet

  1. Wholegrains
Wholegrain foods are high in fibre which bulks out the diet and is low in fat.
Fibre aids appetite control and can help with weight loss.
Some ingredients in wholegrains are vitamin E and selenium, these are antioxidants which are great to protect the skin.

  1. Water
Water makes up 70% of our bodies, and yet many of us still don’t drink enough.
Water keeps your brain hydrated and fully functional, but it also helps to replenish water in the cells throughout your body. Drinking water is great for flushing out toxins in the body and keeping the skin clear.

Remember there is no single thing that will help you stay healthy and fit. Its your over all lifestyle that counts!




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Best Skincare Advise

1.Never Sleep in your Makeup 2.Cleanse & Moisturise everyday twice a day 3. Exfoliate x2 week, Apply a mask 1-2 week 4. Drink plenty of water 5. Eat fresh fruit & Veg 6.Avoid Using Makeup Wipes 7. Beauty sleep is a thing- our skin regenerates as we sleep. 8.Never apply body products to the face 9.Always wear SPF no matter what the weather. 10. Clean makeup brushes every few days and change pillow cases regularly.