Mens Skin Care

May 01, 2015

Is a man's skin really different to ours?

Yup, male skin is different from a woman's regardless of age. Men produce a higher amount of collagen than us gals, they have a rougher texture and a thicker outer layer. Male skin is naturally alot more hydrated than ours which means they age alot less than we do (the buggers). However, shaving takes its toll on the skin. Shaving can cause irritation, razor burn and ingrown bumps on the skin. These skin issues can interrupt the skins acid mantle (protective layer) and cause dryness, sensitivity, and the signs of premature ageing.

Do men need to use different skincare to women? Nope! Sharing is caring! 

Tips for Mens Skincare:

1.Cleanse skin (morning & evening especially before shave)
2.Moisturise (morning & evening) (preferably use a moisturiser in the day with spf protection) 
3.Exfoliate x2-3 times a week (helping to prevent ingrown hairs from shaving)

*Always using a shaving gel when shaving so that your skins ackd mantle is protected
*Always using a post shave cream after shaving and before moisturising to protect and heal skin after shaving

Men are getting more into skincare, I get quite a few in for facial treatments and its great to see because we all need to look after our skin! 

Iv gotten my dad and brother on to a good skincare routine, sending them some products, but Im still trying to get my boyfriend to use some products!! 

Get your man into using something:-)


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Best Skincare Advise

1.Never Sleep in your Makeup 2.Cleanse & Moisturise everyday twice a day 3. Exfoliate x2 week, Apply a mask 1-2 week 4. Drink plenty of water 5. Eat fresh fruit & Veg 6.Avoid Using Makeup Wipes 7. Beauty sleep is a thing- our skin regenerates as we sleep. 8.Never apply body products to the face 9.Always wear SPF no matter what the weather. 10. Clean makeup brushes every few days and change pillow cases regularly.