A year in Australia

December 18, 2015

''Not all those who wander are lost''

It’s crazy to think back at how quick the year went. This time last year I was soaking up the sunshine and living the good ol life in Australia with my boyfriend, Roy. After 2 years of living in different countries and having a long distant relationship we took the plunge and decided to take a 1 year working holiday visa in oz.

We had the opportunity to stay another few years over there on a different visa, but the strings that came with that contract weren't worth it so we turned it down. Although I miss the lifestyle and amazing weather, I'm happy with the decision we made now and we had a brilliant year there.

The year was just like one big holiday. We did so much  and saw some pretty amazing places. We spent the most part of our time in the Gold Coast, Queensland with the beach as our back garden. I was a 10 minute walk to my work and I spent my days off tanning, paddle boarding or just chilling at the pool. Total bliss..We did the odd road trip when we had time off together.

The view from our pad in Surfers Paradise
The beach in front of our apartment.
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast
Paddle Boarding.. so much fun.

Two of my favourite places in Oz were Byron Bay and the Whitsunday islands. We got bikes and toured around Byron. We climbed up to the lighthouse there, which is a long walk in the scorching heat, but worth it! There are such beautiful views from up there. We spent 7 days on the Whitsunday islands, that was just spectacular. We had the most amazing villa overlooking the sea. We spent a day on a cruise, sailing out to the Great barrier Reef and went snorkelling and scuba diving (I wont be scuba diving any time soon again!). We took little boat trips to the other islands on the Whitsunday’s such as Whitehaven beach and Hamilton island.

Cruising around Byron with big wheels
Hiking up to the light house in Byron
Half way there.. we'll take a selfie sure..
 And we made it to the top!
 Byron Bay

Ready, set, go.... I wasn't ready at all! Whitsunday's.
Sunbathing on the great barrier reef
Ill stick with the snorkelling...
The prettiest views are under water..
 Massage after snorkelling and scuba diving.... tough life..
Nothing but a beautiful white beach... Whitehaven, Whitsunday Islands

My brother lives in Sydney and I hadn't seen him in 2 years because we both had been in different parts of the world so it was pretty cool seeing him and spending time with him again. I spent the last 3 months of my time in oz living in Sydney. I was lucky to be able to keep working for the same company. Roy went back to Holland at this time because he got his job offered back to him. I decided to stay on and make the most out of the rest of my visa. 

My brother came to Surfers for the weekend in November, I hadn't seen him in 2 years.
Double Dating at Dream World, big theme park in the gold coast. It was my first time on a roller-coaster.

3 sisters Touring the Blue mountains- Sydney
Me, Roy, Brittany & Steve, Picnic with a view- Sydney

The highlight of my time in Sydney was going to Palm Beach where Home and away is filmed. That was pretty surreal for me. I was in my element. It was so cool to see where it is all made. I've been watching that show since I was about 2 so I am a big fan. I met Kyle, one of the Braxton brothers out in a bar one night and I was totally star struck, I couldn't manage to get my words out when I was chatting to him!

Summer bay.... Palm beach
Chilling by the diner... Waiting for Alf
One of the actors, Kyle Braxton from home and away.

We spent last Christmas on the beach having a bbq, it was so different to what we were used to but it was really nice.
I made some great friends over there who I still keep in touch with and I am grateful for the experience I had with my job.

Travelling and living in different countries really makes you a stronger person, you meet amazing people and you learn a lot.

Gold coast, 2015

I left Australia in August and I moved to Holland 2 months ago after spending some time at home with my family and friends. I recently started a new job, in a beauty and skin clinic in Amsterdam. I'm pretty excited for what’s to come.

I do miss you a little bit, Australia…. , Mostly the weather & my bro!

But I’ll be back.. Next time with my whole family to visit my brother and his girlfriend.

If I was to live over there for the rest of my life this is how Id look....

Have you been to Australia? What do you miss?

Lots of   Love


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  1. Hello Again!
    Said i would come check the page out! Gorgeous blog!!
    I grew up between Cork and Perth, Australia so we tend to go a lot as family is in both!!
    Delighted you had such a good time in oz! Did you venture around or just stay on the east coast? xx


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