Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

December 13, 2015

Hey all, Hope you had a nice weekend. Only 13 more sleeps till Christmas yippeee! I’m flying home on the 24th  and I cannot wait.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for someone special, a secret Santa or just some stocking fillers, I hope some of the things I’m talking about below are helpful to you. This time of year can be an expensive one, but when buying a gift for someone, it’s really the thought that counts. Grab a cuppa and scroll on...

''Dear Santa, Is it too late to be good?''

For the girl that wears Fake Tan and Make-up:

  • Cocoa Brown Tan- Available in most penneys stores and chemists.There are a few different types of tan out in this range now but I swear by this brand and you can never have too many bottles stocked up!

  • Essence Make-up- Penneys and Chemists.I think the pigment in these lipsticks are brilliant. I have about 5 of them at the moment and I wear them all the time. So affordable, starting at 2.49. They’re brow kit, mascara and concealers are really good too.
  • Nail Polish- Nails are always a popular thing, the So Sue Range by Irish Blogger Suzanne Jackson which is again in penneys and chemists would be a nice gift. I know she has sets out for Christmas with nail polish remover and colours- for someone who you know likes to have their nails done this would be the perfect gift.
  • Eyelashes – Always handy for a night out! And you can never have too many of them. Penneys and chemists have great types of lashes available, however the glue with them isn’t always the best (well in my opinion) so the Duo Glue which you can get in MAC is a great idea to match with lashes as a gift.
  • Eye Shadow Pallet- Inglot and urban decay have amazing pigments in their eye shadows. This is such a nice gift to get.
  • Make-up Brushes – It’s so hard to choose a brand of make up brushes because there are so many. But the ones Iv seen professional make up artists use and rave about are ‘Crown brush’, ‘Black Canvas’ & ‘Real Techniques’ – A brush set is on my wish list!
  • Perfume- Jo Malone’s Perfume is the nicest gift ever to receive! Victoria Secret Sprays are really nice to have in the handbag as well. There are 100’s of perfumes out there, maybe you know her favourite?
Other Brands like MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit, & Bare Minerals are also really nice gifts to get. These brands may be a little pricey but things like Lipstick or gift sets might fit your budget. Products like foundations and bronzers might be a little trickier to pick out because of matching her skin colour.

   (A little collage I put together of a few Gift Ideas)

For Miss Fit:
·        Sports bra, nike kicks, some gloves, gym bag, and things for the gym could be a good idea. If you know her size then your pretty much sorted! Lots of shops start their sales early so take a look and see if theres any nice stuff you think she would like. Now that would be a good gift!

The Skin care Junkie:
The body and skin care gift sets around at Christmas are SO nice and you don’t really buy them for your self (well I don’t usually anyway, Santa take note!). I think they are a lovely gift to get.
·        Beautiful smelling Body Sets- Body scrubs, lotions, bath bombs and things like that are always so handy to have and use when you want to feel extra glam! Like when going on a night out etc. Jo Malone, The body shop, Rituals, and Lush are your best bet for gift sets for the body.
·        Skin Care wise, if you know the brand the special lady uses then you can pick out something from that range or a gift set of mini thing you know she will use and love.
·        If you know someone has a concern with their skin but doesn’t look after it. Then get them a starter skin care kit. Pop into any salon or clinic and ask for advise on a skin care kit. Dermalogica always has a wide range of gift sets.

·        Spa Day- Ok, I really don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love a day of relaxing and pampering. Getting a massage or a facial. To many people that is just bliss. Many spas and salons do special offers around this time so ring around and see which places suit your budget.
·        Hair Salon Voucher- This may not be for everybody, but for someone you know who loves to get a blow dry or their colour done a lot then this might be a good idea for them. Saves them a little bit on their next visit!
·        Beauty Salon Voucher- for someone who likes to get their bits and bobs done, waxing tinting or nails- this could be a nice gift to them.
·        Brow Bar- Brows are such a huge thing now. If you know someone who is always getting their brows done or you know they are trying to leave them grow- what better thing to do for them than send them to the professionals! If you’re living in Cork, Ibrow or Benefit are the best in that business!

The Jewellery Gal:
  • Alex and Ani bracelets are a very thoughtful gift, I love them. You can really personalise your present with one of these. Available in The Kilkenny Shop. (Seen in the above picture collage)
  • ‘Croi Alainn’  Irish brand has the most sentimental jewellery. Meaning ‘Beautiful Heart’. They have everything- earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They are a very meaningful gift. They are in the Kilkenny Shop, Enibas in Schull West Cork, Kinsale Co Cork. You can see here.

Little Bits n Bobs:
·        Diary for 2016, or a notebook. Everyone could do with one of these! I got the most gorgeous planner from a friend last year, the design was a map of the world. And its where I keep note of all the topics I want to post about.
·        Mindful colouring book and some crayola colours (doesn't matter how old they are)! Im seeing these everywhere and I think they are so therapeutic.
·        Books- There are so many positive & mindful thinking books, cooking, fitness and well-being books. they are so nice to have in your home to pick up every now and then.
·        Candles- now some of you might be like na not for me. But for someone who has their own home and likes candles then a nice smelling candle is perfect. Jo Malone is always a winner. Santa I hope your taking note!....

  • Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, show someone your thinking of them by baking! Some little Christmas cupcakes. It’s the thought that counts.
  • Make a scrap book/ or wrap a shoe box and fill it with memories and pictures you have with that person.

And here before you go, take a look at a few more ideas for her. 

I hope you've picked up a few gift ideas, let me know if you did!?
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Happy Christmas xxx

Lots of Love


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