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January 10, 2016

’Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live’’

I stocked up on some healthy bits yesterday in De Tuinen, the Dutch equivalent of ‘Holland and Barrett’.


I love this oil because you can use it for everything and it’s got great health benefits- controls blood sugar levels and boosts metabolism. Also amazing for the skin- heals eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and fungal infections.

I use it when cooking, and in smoothies. I apply it to my nails and hair as a treatment a few times in the week. I apply it to my skin all over my body to help nourish it. I apply it to my face in the evenings sometimes under moisturiser or I use it as my face moisturiser- depends on how my skin is. It’s a all rounder and great for skin irritations, it’s a natural healer.

When you buy a jar its solid and it will liquidise once heated. I spoon a good amount into a tuber ware container and keep with all my skincare products and I keep a jar in the kitchen for cooking.


Stocking up on these for the immune system and energy, as well as promoting skin and hair health


For tight, sore muscles tiger balm is AMAZING! It’s got menthol which penetrates to the muscle tissue relieving the tight pain/knots. It’s such a soothing feeling. This is so cheap in Thailand but double the price here, so if you know someone going to Thailand ask them to bring it back for you.


This stuff has got 10g of protein per 100g that’s a lot more than rice has and it tastes pretty similar to rice. You can add this to salads or have it with your main meal, its also got lots of fibre. Healthy healthy.

Next on my healthy list to buy is some Omega 3 Supplements!

I’m not extremely strict with my diet, I like to eat what I want but Iv always been health conscious. (I type this as I eat a bag of crisps…. It’s the weekend!) It’s all about balance and listening to your body.

Have a great week!

           Lots of  Love           


‘Cleanse Tone Moisturise Repeat’

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Best Skincare Advise

1.Never Sleep in your Makeup 2.Cleanse & Moisturise everyday twice a day 3. Exfoliate x2 week, Apply a mask 1-2 week 4. Drink plenty of water 5. Eat fresh fruit & Veg 6.Avoid Using Makeup Wipes 7. Beauty sleep is a thing- our skin regenerates as we sleep. 8.Never apply body products to the face 9.Always wear SPF no matter what the weather. 10. Clean makeup brushes every few days and change pillow cases regularly.