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January 13, 2017

Hey gals! I wanted to share my eyelash addiction with you and the person who does them for me here in Hoofddorp.

I found the lovely By Cil Beauty & Co last year when I first moved to Holland, she is based in Hoofddorp centrum. Cil is a perfectionist at what she does and I am so glad I found her. She specializes in waxing, tanning, eyebrows, threading, and lash extensions. I have been to her for almost everything and I cannot recommend her enough.

I got my first set of individual eyelash extensions last September before I went on holidays to Spain. I never had them on before because I thought they were damaging to my own eyelashes. I was wrong. Cil told me they should last 2 weeks depending on how I looked after them. They lasted me about 4 weeks. I got a refill in October and again they lasted me another 4, 5 weeks. I never wore any eye makeup on my eyes only on the lower lashes the whole time I had the extensions. I think that is why they lasted so well on me, the fact that I wasn't cleansing around the eyes. Once my extensions were fully off I couldn't believe that there was no damage done to my own lashes. I really expected they would look bad. But they looked fine. I bought a eyelash growth serum and used it for a little while after my extensions came off, just to make sure they weren't weak.

I got my second set of lash extensions on for Christmas 3 weeks ago and I was hesitating to get them on again because my own lashes were looking okay. But I thought for Christmas why not with all the nights out. And, oh my lord I am so happy I got them on. Cil did a bit of a fuller set this time and they were really nice. I lost count of the amount of compliments I got from them. I still have them on now and they look great. I will let them naturally fall out.

It saves so much time in the morning getting ready when you have eyelash extensions on, you already look a little done up even when wearing no make-up. I loved having them on while I was on holiday back in September because I didn't need to wear any mascara.

The one thing I will say to someone thinking about getting eyelash extensions is go to someone who actually knows what they are doing. I have heard so many horrible stories of peoples eyelashes being ruined from glue and eyes been irritated. Do your research and go to someone professional.

Cil's website is here. And her Instagram here. If you are living close you need to see Cil! I am hooked!!

I am so glad I found you Cil! Dankjewel xx

Have a great weekend,
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I also had a tan for Christmas by Cil. You can see it in this picture.

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