Glowing skin from within...

April 18, 2017

There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ skin. Our skin is contantly changing and we can only help to a certain extent. Factors such as hormones and genes are way out of our control, and they play a huge role in how the skin looks.

Good skin starts first with our 1.Diet. 2.Lifestyle. 3.Skin-care routine.


We are what we eat. Our skin cells feed off the food we feed ourselfs. The greener, the more omegas, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables we eat the better our skin will look inside out. Our cells in the skin either die off due to damage or grow and repair- we want to keep all the cells in our body healthy, strong and protected for as long as we can. Cutting out sugar and alcohol in the diet will improve any skin condition massively, as both of these cause inflamation in the skin.


Stress can cause havoc in the skin. When we are stressed a hormone called cortisol is released, causing lots of things to occur in the body including excess fat, an over production of oil, acne, and very dry skin. The most common result of stress in the body is wrinkles on the skin.
If you are under stress try find a way to manage it for yourself, take time out to relax and find something that lets your body and mind to wind down.

Skin-care routine:

Everyone needs a skincare routine no matter what the skin type or concern. Our skin is a living breathing organ, it is changing all the time therefore we must look after it. Cleansing x2 a day removing dead skin build up and dirt + bacteria that we cannot see but is there. Toning to remove any residue left on the skin, serum to hydrate and firm the skin, eyecare to care for the sensitive, delicate skin under the eye, moisturise x2 day to hydrate and protect the skin. SPF must be worn every day no matter what the weather to protect the skin from day light and UV rays. UV rays is what causes most pre-mature ageing to the skin, pigmentation, fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles.
If you are not already in a good skincare routine start now!

We are going to see our skin change a lot over the years but if you can control the stress in your body, eat healthy when possible and use good skincare products, have regular skin treatments then you are doing enough for your skin.

Skincare is so much more than what just meets the eye.....

What are your tips for glowing skin from inside out?

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Katie x

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Best Skincare Advise

1.Never Sleep in your Makeup 2.Cleanse & Moisturise everyday twice a day 3. Exfoliate x2 week, Apply a mask 1-2 week 4. Drink plenty of water 5. Eat fresh fruit & Veg 6.Avoid Using Makeup Wipes 7. Beauty sleep is a thing- our skin regenerates as we sleep. 8.Never apply body products to the face 9.Always wear SPF no matter what the weather. 10. Clean makeup brushes every few days and change pillow cases regularly.