Skin Food Sunday: Red Grapes

October 08, 2017

Here we go again with Skin Food Sunday. This time we are talking about red grapes and why you need to eat more of them for glowing, healthy skin. They are so easy to include in your diet.

Skin Benefits of Grapes:

1. Slow down Ageing:
Resveratrol found in grapes promotes healthy skin cell renewal and helps fight off free radical damage which cause wrinkles and dark spots.

2. Fights Bacteria and Viruses:
Protect against many infections including coldsores.

3. Antioxidant Protection:
Grapes help protect the skin from pollution and toxin damage. 

4. Reduces Inflamation:
Can calm down acne flare ups and other inflamations in the skin.

5.  Boosts Collagen Production:
Grapes contain Vitamin C which stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen helps retain the skins elasticity and keeps it tight and firm.

Red Grape Smoothie

I really needed to think about a recipe with red grapes. Normally I just wash them and eat it as a snack. And I think most of the people will do just the same. But this recipe turned out pretty good, go try it out!

Serving 1 big – 2 small


- 2 Bananas
- 100 gr Red grapes (seedless)
- 75 gr Blueberries
- 75 gr Soy yogurt
- 100 ml Almond milk


1. Slice the bananas and put with the rest of the ingredients in a blender.
2. Blend until smooth; pour in a jug, glass or whatever.

Drink up! That’s it, now you made a recipe with red grapes.

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‘’Glowing skin is always in’’


Katie x

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Best Skincare Advise

1.Never Sleep in your Makeup 2.Cleanse & Moisturise everyday twice a day 3. Exfoliate x2 week, Apply a mask 1-2 week 4. Drink plenty of water 5. Eat fresh fruit & Veg 6.Avoid Using Makeup Wipes 7. Beauty sleep is a thing- our skin regenerates as we sleep. 8.Never apply body products to the face 9.Always wear SPF no matter what the weather. 10. Clean makeup brushes every few days and change pillow cases regularly.